Drone Services & Pricing
Videos & photos from the Sky



Drone Starter

Perfect for a short promotional video
$ 250*
  • Up to 5 edited still photos
  • 30 minutes of video footage
  • 30 second edited video clip
  • Access to all raw files

Drone +

Recommended for showcasing
$ 500*
  • Up to 10 edited still photos
  • 60 minutes of video footage
  • 60 second edited video clip
  • Access to all raw files

Drone custom

Let Russ specialize a package for your specific need.
  • Footage depends on customer needs
  • Access to all raw files

*We understand every photoshoot is different. Prices are negotiable, please contact Russ for specific details.

Drone Applications

Aerial photography

Drones are now being used to capture footage that would otherwise require expensive helicopters and cranes. Fast paced action and sci-fi scenes are filmed by aerial drones, thus making cinematography easier.


Drones can show off your building or home from an unique angle. Contractors, architects, real estate agents, and business owners are using drones to seek an advantage over their competition.


Drones provide quick means, after a natural or man-made disaster, to gather information and navigate debris and rubble to look for injured victims. Its high definition cameras, sensors, and radars give rescue teams access to a higher field of view, saving the need to spend resources on manned helicopters. ​


Weddings, concerts, church services, outdoor festivals, county fairs, family get-togethers, the possibilities are endless.

Law enforcement

Drones are also used for maintaining the law. They help with the surveillance of large crowds and ensure public safety. They assist in monitoring criminal and illegal activities.


Beautiful sunsets, waterfalls, oceans, lakes, mountains, the list is endless on how to make this beautiful world come alive.

Precision agriculture

Farmers and agriculturists are always looking for cheap and effective methods to regularly monitor their crops.


Presence of thermal sensors gives drones night vision and makes them a powerful tool for surveillance. Drones are able to discover the location of lost persons and unfortunate victims, especially in harsh conditions or challenging terrains.

Flying Drone